Dirty Dog Trail Marathon & Half Marathon, June 29

Date: June 29, 2019

Time: 5:30 am

The Dirty Dog Trail Marathon & Half is being held on many of the best trails in the Boise foothills between town and the ridge. The event offers two distances: a full marathon (~ 26.2 miles) and the half marathon (~13.1 miles). As this is a trail run, the mileage is not exact. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ridge to Rivers Trail System and the Humane Society.

Race Course

Both the marathon and half marathon start and end at Fort Boise. Runners begin by running up Mountain Cove Road until they reach the trail head for Military Reserve Connector. Going left up Military Reserve, they begin to enjoy the Ridge to Rivers Trail System trails including Crestline, Corrals, and Bob’s Trails. At the end of Bob’s, the half marathoners will loop back utilizing the 8th Street extension briefly before returning to the trails. The full marathoners will continue up on Highlands, Corrals, and Hard Guy before reaching the ridge and beginning the descent on fun trails including one lovingly referred to as Devil’s Slide. The first man and woman to reach the top of the Hard Guy climb will find a $100 bill waiting for them! The terrain is of moderate difficulty, providing a challenge to runners but not too hard for first timers.

Location: 750 Mountain Cove Rd, Boise ID, 83702

Website: https://www.pulserunning.com/


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